What does 3G Controls do I am often asked. The stock answer “we are a specialist systems integrator of building management systems” often leads to a prolonged pause and “oh right I see” with a bewildered look on the inquisitors face.
The truth is it is very difficult to answer such a question with a 1 line response. This is my attempt at offering a clear answer to the question.
How many times have you walked past a new building or even and old building that has been restored and thought oh that looks good or what an unusual concept. These traits that invoke compliments or criticism are down to the architect and his creative style.
However behind the scenes out of sight it is the responsibility of the specialist sub contractors to ensure the building is comfortable and safe for its occupants.
The idea of a BMS is to work out of sight with no impact on the occupant of the building. When a person, be it man, woman or child enters a building with BMS control they will encounter a comfortable environment at the correct temperature and clean air as he or she moves through the building space. These individuals will probably never consider how this environment is maintained.
The BMS (building management system) or BEMS (building energy management system) as it is sometimes known, are the same thing but with great emphasis now being place on the energy “E” component due to the current economic climate and commercial energy costs.
The BMS is a central control system that spiders out throughout the building linking and interfacing many different systems together. We often work within a complex environment with the client and consultants demanding more complicated method of control of the building environment conditions. It is not uncommon for the BMS to interface with the following systems;

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Security / Access
  • Fire Alarm
  • Utility metering

In a nut shell it is our responsibly to design and install a bespoke control system to ensure the building space is comfortable, safe and the method of heating or cooling is carried out in a cost effective manner.

Product support

In today’s technological age there are dozens of BMS Controller manufactures all looking to expand within the UK market.
Many companies will offer several manufactures’ products all boosting that there combination gives the best solution to a client needs.
Here at 3G Controls we believe that endorsing multiple systems reduces the individual skill level on a product and for this reason we have adopted only 2 systems.

Trend Controls

Anyone who is familiar with the BMS section will know or have heard of this manufacturer. Originally Caragon Trend Controls and now Honeywell Trend Controls this system has been the market leader for over 20 years.
The business model in which Trend operates is popular with its systems integrators and industry specific consultants.
Many other control manufacturers look to Trend’s success and try to imitate their business strategy to improve UK turnover.
We are now on the 3rd generation of Trend controller and as a manufacture the product range covers virtually all aspects of the UK markets demands.
We have found this product to be robust and reliable and in some cases out lasting the mechanical plant it controls. I still see from time to time controllers from the early 1980s residing in plant rooms working effectively.
Trend has the widest partner network in the UK with one of the best technical support system of any manufacturer. This makes the product an instant hit with end users and consultants for many different control projects.

Priva Controls

Priva is relatively new to the UK market but has been around in Europe for over 100 years.
The design philosophy of this product differs from most of the mainstream manufacturers and offers a new way to BMS design. Having tested this product and been involved in its installation on a major university site we have found this to be a good solid product that has many integration capabilities with good manufactures support.
We have been so impressed by Priva the company and the product that we have taken this on as an additional controls product.

Employment Philosophy

I strongly believe that a company’s success is not due to one individual but the ability for all staff to work in harmony and allow each member of the team to excel in his or her field of expertise. For this reason one of our fundamental core priorities has been and will always be the welfare of our staff. Employing good quality personnel is an integral part of business success.