3G Controls can service multiple BMS systems:

A building management system (BMS) is a computer based system that helps to manage, control & monitor building engineering services HVAC equipment. BMS systems provide efficient control & monitoring of plant and utility supplies, which can lead to cost savings. BMS can also allow more effective labour utilisation and can be used to maintain a comfortable environment for building occupants.
To ensure the best performance from a BMS, as well as the plant and equipment it controls, it is essential to provide adequate maintenance. BMS maintenance is often undertaken on a reactive basis. Energy consumption goes unchecked, comfort conditions can deteriorate and problems are only dealt with when they become serious. Lowest cost maintenance doesn’t mean best value.
At 3G Controls we cover a wide range of building management systems & through key partnerships in the industry we can offer all the support you need at highly competitive rates. We can offer multiple system support, with one point of contact and one maintenance solution.
Regular maintenance schedules are essential to ensure the maximum efficiency of your BMS system & through regular upgrades & constant monitoring & calibration, energy costs & call outs are kept to a minimum & occupant comfort is maintained.
What makes us different from other system partners, is that while others try to concentrate on new builds and works we at 3G Controls are concerned with the after market support that is required by retrospective clients.


The design and layout of a building determines its control stability. 3G Controls has the key technical expertise in providing a solution to individual problems encountered with a current built environment.


Regular service contracts can be set up to ensure the BMS system installed within an built environment is operating efficiently.


3G Controls has the ability to provide on site support through a network of engineers within hours of a enquiry.

Remote Support

With today’s ever increasing connection speed via broadband and 3G networks. it is possible to provide on demand remote support to clients around the world.